H2S and SO2, constitute a serious danger to human life, and where the protection of human life is involved, no compromises can be made.
Maersk H2S Safety Services is qualified and competent to ensure that the proper precautions and preventive measures are taken against the danger of H2S.

When dealing with safety no compromises can be made!


During our many years of existence and through our experiences H2S Safety Services has performed their services for a wide range of operations on a worldwide basis. The provision of H2S safety services typically includes: Rental of protection and detection equipment, equipment maintenance and service and training and courses, both onshore and offshore.

Before you implement an H2S contingency on site, thorough planning and preparation are required. From our experience within the business, we have established a well-prepared contingency which consists of a few, but vital elements: Proper and detailed training of personnel, installation of protection, detection and other relevant H2S safety equipment and experienced and qualified supervisory personnel.

    When providing H2S safety services a safe performance is of paramount importance.