Brunei is the third largest producer of oil in South Asia, and the ninth-largest in the world. Therefore, H2S safety services in Brunei and other SouthEast Asian countries become inevitable.

Maersk H2S, with its rich expertise in handling gas safety services and equipment all across the world, brings you H2S safety services in South East Asia, operating out of its Brunei office. Right from its inception in 2012, Maersk H2S’s scope of services in South East Asia has been constantly increasing, and our local presence has become more relevant than ever!

The intensity of Maersk H2S’s presence and services in the local requirements of H2S safety services in South East Asia led to the opening of our office in Brunei in 2014. The office has played a crucial role in strengthening the symbiotic relationships that we’ve built with local customers in the region.


The gas safety services in Brunei offered by Maersk H2S extend beyond the office. We have our equipment packages stored in containers, ready to be mobilized for our customers at a moment’s notice! Our commitment to provide the best-in-class gas safety equipment in South East Asia, in addition to our uncompromising timeliness and quality has garnered great support from the local customers.

Our office is supported by the support vessels on the high seas, and the supporting oil wells located all over the Indian Ocean.

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