Australian Weather Challenges

When transporting a massive amount of equipment through the Australian desert, the weather is a crucial factor. Here, dirt roads are the only option when transporting our equipment from one location to another and even a little rain can be a huge challenge.

Mobilization was truly a challenge in this project, but all deadlines were met and the customers operation carried out without concerns related to H2S.

In this project we were providing H2S safety services to the Client´s operation, located North East of Alice Springs, more than 3000 kilometres from our base in Sale, Victoria. In this operation our customer was re-entering some existing wells to conduct well testing, using different techniques including coil tubing, wireline and fracking. Our job was to support this operation by providing safety equipment, including gas detection and protection, and of course brief all crew members operating in H2S areas.

This project required an enormous amount of well service equipment. Around 17 road trains, pulling 3 x 40 foot trailers, were driven through the Australian desert to our customers location outside Alice Springs. As the trucks were driving on dirt roads, even a small amount of rain would stop the truck, so the weather conditions were truly a crucial factor in meeting our customer´s deadline.

Each well-site was several hours away from each other and for every rig move, the crew had to fly back to Alice Springs for a few days while the camp was moved and the set-up rearranged. Our safety personnel travelled from Alice Springs to site in an 8 seated fixed wing aircraft to the nearest cattle station.

Our trained and experienced personnel made this possible without any delays or crew incidents, due to our expertise H2S was not even a concern in this project.