Global Track Record

We know safety is the number 1 priority in the oil and gas industry. We truly add value to our customer´s operation by enhancing a safe work environment and an operation without any concerns or incidents related to H2S and other toxic gases.

Since the beginning in 1985, we have experienced constant growth. Today we operate worldwide with offices in Denmark, Italy, Norway, Brazil, Australia, UK, Congo, the UAE, and Brunei. We have gained tremendous experience in carrying out H2S safety services worldwide. Our experience covers a wide field of operations within onshore and offshore projects and small and large constructions and in areas of high concentrations of H2S and the most common toxic gasses encountered in the oil and gas industry, such as SO2, CO, CO2 and CH4.

We are prepared for carrying out our services even in some of the harshest environments around the globe. We mobilize equipment packages from one point to another, whether in the African jungle, the Australian desert, or to our customers operating in the North Sea. Our global track record is reflected in our competencies and our H2S Supervisors’ qualifications, enabling us to provide first-class personnel and first-class services every time.