H2S Awareness eLearning

Training to be prepared.

H2S, or Hydrogen Sulphide, constitutes a danger to human lives. Working in an environment exposed to the risk of the poisonous gas H2S requires constant awareness.

This course is designed to provide participants with key competencies in identifying and managing H2S hazards.

You will gain the necessary knowledge on how you should behave in an H2S environment.

The content of the H2S Awareness eLearning has been made in compliance with requirements from industrial standards.


Participants will gain knowledge and understanding in:

  • How H2S is formed and its effects on the human organism
  • How to take measures to protect themselves and others while working in an H2S environment
  • How to use a combined work and escape breathing apparatus
  • How to visually inspect a personal gas detector


  • Participants are required to complete a written test comprising of 20 questions
  • To pass the course, the participants shall attain 80% correct answers.


  • Upon completion, participants will be able to download a certificate.
  • The certificate is valid for two years.


  • The H2S Awareness eLearning will take approximately 1 hour.


  • The e-learning course is available in English.