As a provider of safety services to the Oil and Gas Industry it is our responsibility to prevent incidents from happening and we know our customer´s priority – safety comes first. We operate in an industry where all incidents are considered unacceptable and must be prevented.

Our trademark is synonymous with first-class service, first-class equipment and first-class personnel, attracting worldwide customers working in H2S environments. When dealing with safety no compromises can be made, a statement reflected in our trademark.

First-class service

Service is one of our key values and manifests itself in the due consideration taken to the particular circumstances of each and every job. From the moment we are approached, we ensure that the services provided are tailor-made for the special requirements. We consider every job a new and different challenge.

First-class equipment

All our equipment is top range and of a high standard. In order to ensure that our equipment always is up to date we have an incorporated maintenance program ensuring that all service and all inspections are carried out safely, in full compliance with all relevant standards and in due time. We are certified by our equipment supplier to carry out inspection and maintenance of the entire product range.

First-class personnel

The selection and training of personnel is vital and therefore all H2S Supervisors have a background in the oil and gas industry. This combination of operational experience and highly skilled personnel has made Maersk H2S Safety Services specialists on the worldwide market.