Maersk H2S Brazil

Maersk H2S in Brazil is a specialist within gas safety services, especially H2S and CO2 safety. Throughout the years we have supported more than 100 drillings and work over campaigns in Brazil and provided our services to more than 25 local clients.

We have been in Brazil since 2002, and our local presence has led to high activity, providing our services to a variety of customers in the growing Brazilian oil and gas industry.


We have our administrative office in the city of Rio de Janeiro, close to our customers and the areas in which we operate. Our operational base is located in Macaé consisting of our workshop and warehouse. As we acknowledge the importance of being represented where the Oil and Gas Industry is represented, the foundation of our base in Brazil was a natural choice.


Our operations in Brazil are both supported by our international pool of supervisors and our local Supervisors. Our local set-up and local supervisors have been of vital importance in meeting our customer´s expectations. We have a comprehensive history with the multinational energy corporation Petrobras and the main IOCs.

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Maersk H2S Safety Services Brasil Ltda.
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