Italian Oil Center

In this project we were providing protection to more than 1200 workers entering confined spaces in the Italian Oil Center. The release of toxic gases in these confined spaces was a major concern and constituted a serious danger to the workers safety.

In the Italian Oil Center we were involved in a major shutdown, scheduled to clean its oil and gas separators. This job lasted 2 months and involved 1200 workers, employed by the client to clean up the separators. The workers’ health and safety relied on our expertise in entering confined spaces and handling toxic gases.

Around 40 supervisors were involved in this shutdown, supplying air via cascade systems, with the purpose of providing breathing protection to the cleanup workers entering the gas separator tanks. The breathable air was supplied through 13 km air lines installed in order to allow simultaneous access of about 300 operators. All in all there were 16 racks of 12 cylinders each, with a capacity of 1 million nine hundred liters of breathable air.

This was a major operation and a special project, because of its complexity and size measured on required safety personnel and safety equipment. The shutdown recorded ”0” accidents /”0” incidents