Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is used to protect the worker against hazardous gas, including H2S and smoked gases. When operating in toxic gas environments, the reliability of your safety equipment is paramount. The SCBA has been developed, tested and approved to meet even the toughest industry standards worldwide.

The SCBA comes fitted with an airline connection, and can be connected to an air-bank and provides the wearer with respiratory protection when working in toxic gas environments.

The breathing apparatus can be provided in 3 different types, all in offshore suited protection boxes:

  • 45 minutes Work & Escape units
  • 15 minutes Work & Escape units
  • 15 minutes Escape units

As an alternative, in escape situations, filter masks can be used as gas protection. The filter masks are easy to carry in a work situation and provide the worker protection against toxic gas during an escape.