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As a result of high concentration of H2S in the Italian wells, our Italian subsidiary was founded in 1997. Shortly after receiving a request from one of the major oil and gas operators in the Italian market, our local department in Italy was established.


Our Italian department, located in Viggiano, Potenza comprises of our local office, workshop and warehouse, a large area for containers and a training gallery. In Italy we offer training within H2S safety and confined space, where theory takes place in class rooms and drills in containers, simulating jobs in wells and tanks.

HSE & H2S Safety

The main competences of the Italian base focus on onshore drilling, safety services in general providing safety representatives on-site. Consultancy services on safety, environment and quality are handled by our HSE experts. The Italian supervisors are used to working in all kinds of environments. Our local operations are mostly onshore, either localized in the mountains of Basilicata or in the valleys of Sicily. Basilicata is characterized by harsh winters, whereas Sicily has extremely high temperatures during summer time. Providing safety services in this area truly requires adaptability.

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