GasAlert MicroClip X3

Easy-to-use multi gas detector

The successor of the MicroClip XL, the GasAlert Microclip X3 of BW Technologies by Honeywell, is offered with a new 5-year O2 sensor with a 3-year warranty. The newest model in the GasAlert MicroClip series’ O2 gas sensor presents a multi gas detector with a longer life expectancy.

The MicroClip X3 is a 4 gas monitor that can be equipped with the most commonly used O2 (Oxygen), H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide), CO (Carbon Monoxide) and LEL (Combustibles) gas sensors.

Honeywell’s multi gas detector is a lightweight and compact solution. The MicroClip X3 features a one button operation, which significantly reduces training time and makes the portable gas detector highly user friendly. Furthermore the multi gas monitor is designed for harsh environments, as with the IP68 rating complete protection against dust and water immersion in 1.2 metres for 45 minutes, is no problem.

Besides reliability the MicroClip X3 guarantees runtime for at least a 12-hour shift. The bright visual alarm bars ensure no alarm goes unnoticed, in addition to a vibrating and audible alarm.

A charger and calibration certificate are included when ordering the MicroClip X3 4-gas detector.