Cascade – 2 cylinder

The Maersk H2S Cascade come with 2 cylinders for use with both Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), and Work and Escape Breathing Apparatus(WEBA).

The cascades are robust and tested as a reliable breathing air supply. The standard cascades are fitted with a HPR reducer that supplies a low pressure manifold with 6-10 bar from the 200 bar

The cascade consists of:
• Stainless steel rack
• 2 x 50 L. steel cylinders at 200 bar forbreathing air
• Total volume of air: 20.000 Litres
• High preassure distribution hoses for 200 barpressure
• HPR reducer
• Low pressure manifolds
• Low pressure air hoses

With a light design and using high quality pneumatics, the Maersk H2S Safety Services cascade system ensures consistent high performance over the lifetime of the unit with minimal need for maintenance.

The cascades are load tested yearly to ensure a uniform structual contegrity and stability.

Technical info
• The cascade is serviced after every job and is given a basic overhaul on a yearly basis. Full maintenance is once every 5 years.
• Weight for Cascade with 200 bar breathing air:
 Gross: 267 Kg
 Tare: 147 Kg.
 Payload: 120 Kg.
• Whistle activation pressure (bar) 50 – 60 bar
• Whistle Sound Level (dBA) >90
• Output flow > 14 bar
• Dimensions ( L x B x H): 6.0 x 0.6 x 1.9 Meters

• Local load and lifting certificates are acquired for the equipment. In Denmark this is performed by Peter Harbroe.
• EN 571-1, EN 1259