Liquid Extraction Kit

Easy, fast and cost-effective: The Dräger Liquid Extraction method (DLE) is a field method used to analyze highly volatile harmful substances in water and other liquids.

Proven measurement system
The air extraction method is a proven and reliable system designed for the rapid analysis of water, waste water, oil sludge, soil and multi-phase samples using Dräger-Tubes. The method is based on the extraction of a contaminant from the liquid phase into the gas phase.

Fast and reliable in use
Using the DLE set, exceeding limit values and out-of-limit conditions are recognized within the shortest possible time so that environmental protection measures and precautions can be taken or malfunctions as of technical facilities can be identified and fixed.

On-site measurement
Low cost and rapid results mean a highly flexible method of measuring. Therefore, the Liquid Extraction method is particularly suitable for frequent on-site measurements.