Mobile Air Mover

The air mover is a mobile breathing air delivery system used for delivering large quantities of air in contaminated areas.

The ESX system is a fast deployable air delivery system that enables an effective air dispersion and ventilation of the contaminated area during well control situations.

The air movers can either be installed permanently in the areas that need protection or deployed rapidly in case of an emergency for use in difficult accessable area e.g. confined space, tanks, mixing areas.

The standard version is fitted with a 60Hz electrical 440 V motor.

The fan is ATEX aproved and all installations a IP 65 protected against water and dust.

The Air mover consists of:
• Mounting bracket
• Aluminium frame
• Connection power cable (< 20 meter)
• Housing made of impact resistant plastic

Technical info
• The ESX 230 is serviced once after every use and is given a full overhaul on a yearly basis
• Three phase electrical motor
• Delivery of 36.000 m3 air pr. hour @ 60 Hz
• Weight 57 kg
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 55 x 55 x 49 cm
• Maximum working temperature: 60 C
• Motor: 2.2 kW
• Noise level @ 3 meters: 83,6 dB, decreases 4dB per 2 m. distance