Pas Lite

The Dräger PAS Lite is a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) used for protecting the wearer against any hazardous gas environment. The self contained breathing apparatus is fitted with mask and lung demand valve that protects against both smoke gases and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S).


Advanced technology
With a proven design and using the same high quality pneumatics as found in professional firefighter breathing apparatus, the Dräger PAS Lite ensures consistent high performance and reliability over the lifetime of the apparatus with minimal maintenance. The carrying system features an ultra-lightweight, high strength carbon composite space-frame having excellent impact, heat and chemical resistance, as well as outstanding durability.

Integrated hose design
Both the air supply and gauge hoses are mounted into the space-frame, thus reducing the risk of snagging and entanglement. This enables the user to change the hose position from one side to another to suit individual preference. The fully integrated hose design also means that hoses can be replaced easily and cost effectively.

Proven, robust and flexible
In line with other Dräger breathing apparatus, the Dräger PAS Lite allows users to take advantage of the tried and tested systems that lie behind the best breathing apparatus in the world. Developed as a result of years of research and extensive user consultation, these benefits include the use of the same advanced pneumatics as used in the whole professional firefighting range of Dräger.

Efficient load distribution
Incorporating new materials that are shaped and formed to provide maximum comfort at both the shoulders and the waist, the carrying system has been developed to reduce back strain, stress and fatigue. The innovative harness design ensures an excellent weight distribution at the shoulders. The inclusion of durable rubber coated fabric provides excellent wearing comfort and chemical resistance, whilst also performing well during the flame engulfment test in line with EN137 Type 2.

Service friendly
A number of unique design features ensure that downtime and costs are kept to a minimum during repair and maintenance. All major components of the SCBA Dräger PAS Lite are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, including the harness which is attached to the space-frame by a simple single-piece retention method. The reducer is contained in the space-frame for added protection and can easily be removed with simple tools. The harness is also highly resistant and impervious to chemicals, making decontamination and cleaning a simple, straightforward task.