The unyielding commitment of Roberto and his team

27th March 2024

Two decades ago, in the heart of Brazil’s bustling oil industry, a dedicated group of professionals stood guard against a hidden danger: Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). Among them was Roberto, who would later become a leader at Maersk H2S Brazil. But let’s rewind time to find Roberto as the local H2S Supervisor, leading by example aboard an oil platform in Brazil.

Back then, safety gear wasn’t as sleek and lightweight as it is today. The H2S emergency drills demanded unwavering commitment. Heavy steel bottles from SCBA PA-80 were the crew’s lifelines. Roberto stood tall in protective gear, embodying a steadfast commitment to his responsibilities.

As the sole local H2S Supervisor in Brazil, Roberto scanned the horizon for signs of danger. When the alarm sounded, he promptly took charge, ensuring a clear understanding of assigned roles among the crew members. His experience guided them, teaching not just protocols but the spirit of safety—the unwritten rules that could save lives.

Today, as Roberto leads the management team at Maersk H2S Brazil, he carries the legacy of those intense days. The heavy steel bottles have given way to modern equipment, but the spirit remains.

The image captures Roberto during an H2S emergency drill 20 years ago. His leadership continues to inspire us.