Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) initiatives encounter distinct challenges, particularly in monitoring CO2 levels. Safety, compliance, and operational efficiency are critical. But how do you ensure accurate detection while safeguarding personnel and the environment?

At Maersk H2S Safety Services, we offer CO2 monitoring systems tailored to CCS operations. Our solutions provide real-time insights, early leak detection, and compliance with industry standards. Whether your project is large-scale or small-scale, we customize solutions that fulfill your specific requirements

Comprehensive CO2 Detection, Protection, and Monitoring

Our range of products includes:

Gas Detection System: A reliable solution for detecting CO2 levels in your facility.

  • Personal Gas Detection System: Portable devices for individual safety.
  • Wireless Fixed Gas Detection System: Advanced technology for continuous monitoring.

Breathing Apparatus: Essential safety equipment including:

  • Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus.

Safety, Compliance, and Efficiency during CCS Operations

Our system provide:

  • Early Leak Detection for Risk Mitigation: Our technology allows for early detection of leaks, ensuring the safety of your operations.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards and Regulations
  • Real-Time Monitoring to Optimize Operations: With our real-time monitoring capabilities, you can optimize your operations for maximum efficiency.

Why Choose Maersk H2S Safety Services?

  • Unparalleled Expertise: With a team of seasoned professionals at your service, we bring decades of collective experience and industry knowledge to every engagement, ensuring the highest standards of quality and professionalism.
  • Tailored Solutions: We recognize that every organization has unique needs and challenges. Our consultative approach allows us to develop customized solutions that align precisely with your objectives, delivering measurable results.
  • Commitment to Excellence:  We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We work tirelessly to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver measurable results that drive long-term success.

Download Brochure: CO2 monitoring system

Contact us at to learn more about our CO2 monitoring system for your CCS operations.Together, we can make a positive impact.

We offer

A great opportunity to engage in a highly dynamic and professional environment for safety.
Our customers are mainly within the energy and maritime industries.
You will be responsible for a great team of very competent and dedicated supervisors and colleagues who delivers that extra effort needed to stay ahead.

Office location: Esbjerg, Denmark.

Key Responsibilities

  • Locate and supply HSE personnel to support the HSE Operations worldwide, the primary focus is to ensure that Maersk H2S has a candidate database that meets the customers’ requirements and that the customers’ requirements are fulfilled, in relation to getting personnel with the right qualifications, on time
  • Develop and maintain HSE Personnel Database, to ensure an adequate supply base, at all times. This is a crucial part of the job.
  • Interviewing candidates for the personnel database.
  • Ensuring timely and smooth execution of customer requests
    • Finding the right candidates for the job via medias or databases
    • Arranging necessary technical documentation prior to the start of the job
    • Detailed job planning, including visa and mobilisation of personnel
    • Customer and candidate follow-up after jobs, ensuring 360 degree job satisfaction
  • Providing the necessary support and guidance throughout all activities to secure an exemplary HSE performance.
  • Ensure compliance with contract HSE requirements.

Measurement/success criteria of the position

  • Ensuring that we have sufficient, qualified personnel to comply with the client’s request.
  • Ensuring high customer satisfaction, through the swift, compliant and efficient execution of customer’s demand.

We are looking for

  • Knowledge of the energy and maritime industry is an advance however it is not a requirement.
  • Ability to organize, willing to change with short notice to fulfil our customers’ requirements/needs.
  • Highly self-driven and result-oriented.
  • Have a flexible and structured approach to handling changes.
  • Service-minded with a high drive and the ability to communicate across the organization.
  • A people-person who can tackle the diversity of personalities and competencies in the organization.
  • Structured and able to deliver quality in a from time-to-time hectic environment.
  • Fluent in English. Additional languages are a plus.
  • Previous experience in HSE Service is preferred, but not required

For more information, please contact:

Christian Birkekjær, Senior Operations Manager, via e-mail at

Last application date: 12 July 2024


Du bliver en del af vores team i Danmark, hvor du kommer til at arbejde på forskellige olie- og gas installationer, primært i dansk og norsk sektor.


  • Hjælpe/rådgive alt personale, der er til stede på installationen i H2S-tilfælde.
  • Vedligeholdelse af H2S udstyr.
  • Udføre gastest.
  • Afholde briefings på installationen i H2S gas, H2S procedurer, detektions- og beskyttelsesudstyr.
  • Deltagelse i sikkerhedsmøder på anlægget.
  • Indberetning af alle sikkerheds- og sundhedsrelaterede hændelser.
  • Rapportering internt og til kunden.

Vi søger

For at kvalificere dig til jobbet, skal du have sikkerhedsbevidsthed som en høj prioritet, kunne bevare roen i pressede situationer og være i stand til at arbejde individuelt, men også i et team.
Du skal have offshore erfaring og have gyldig offshore medical certifikat. Kompetencer indenfor sikkerhed er en fordel, men ikke et krav.
Når du starter, vil du blive tilmeldt en intensiv træningsplan som H2S supervisor

Ansøgningsfrist: 12.07.2024

For yderligere information venligst kontakt Christian Birkekjær, Operations Manager, eller på tlf +45 76138004.

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You are our new Works Delegate pursuant to 81/08 (Southern Italy_Puglia)

Sei il nostro nuovo Delegato Lavori ai sensi della 81/08 (Sud Italia_Puglia)

We offer

Our Works Delegate will be in close contact with the Client’s needs regarding 81/08, regarding the authorization to carry out works and the supervision of the related activities.

Il nostro Delegato Lavori sarà a stretto contatto con le necessità del Cliente in materia di 81/08, riguardanti l’autorizzazione in esecuzione lavori e la supervisione delle relative attività.

Key Responsibilities

Main responsibilities and accountabilities:

  • Italian legislation on health and safety in the workplace and mining regulations (D.P.R. 128/59, Legislative Decree 624/96, D.P.R. 886/79) with particular attention to the Legislative Decree Title I and IV of the 81/08 and the regulations regarding major accidents applicable to the Val d’Agri Oil Center Plant (Legislative Decree 105/05 and subsequent amendments).
  • Italian legislation for activities in confined spaces or environments suspected of pollution;
  • Knowledge of the Customer’s procedures regarding activities in confined spaces or environments suspected of pollution, load handling, excavations, electrical work, management of work permits, work at heights, lifting;
  • Knowledge of Black Kite Web and EWP management software.

Principali responsabilità e responsabilità:

  • Legislazione italiana in materia di salute e sicurezza dei luoghi di lavoro e della normativa mineraria (D.P.R. 128/59, D.Lgs. 624/96, D.P.R. 886/79) con particolare attenzione per il D.Lgs. Titolo I e IV della 81/08 e della normativa in materia di incidenti rilevanti applicabile allo Stabilimento Centro Olio Val d’Agri (D.Lgs. 105/05 e s.m.i.).
  • Legislazione italiana per attività in spazi confinati o ambienti sospetti di inquinamento;
  • Conoscenza delle procedure del Cliente per quanto concerne le attività di attività in spazi confinati o ambienti sospetti di inquinamento, di movimentazione dei carichi, scavi, lavori elettrici, gestione permessi di lavoro, lavori in quota, sollevamenti;
  • Conoscenza del gestionale Black Kite Web ed Ewp.

We are looking for

  •  High school diploma;
  • 2 years of previous experience gained on oil and gas treatment plants and/or similar in the Upstream Oil & Gas sector;
  • 3 years of supervisory experience.
  • Excellent knowledge of Italian (local language) and excellent knowledge of English


  • Diploma di scuola media superiore;
  • 2 anni di esperienza pregressa maturata su impianti di trattamento olio e gas e/o similari nel settore Upstream Oil & Gas;
  • 3 anni di esperienza da supervisor.
  • Ottima conoscenza dell’italiano (lingua locale) e ottima conoscenza dell’inglese

About Maersk H2S Safety Services Italia

Maersk H2S Safety Services Italia Srl is a company ready to guarantee our customers safe and efficient activities, without worries or accidents related to gases and toxic substances.

To become the leading provider of health, safety and environmental services to the oil and gas industry, being recognized as a provider of first-class services, first-class equipment and first-class personnel.

Domestically, it provides a wide range of products and services, all related to exploration, production and refining, maritime, offshore and onshore industries, as well as special security services for shipyards and high-risk activities.

Maersk H2S Safety Services Italia Srl è un’azienda pronta a garantire ai nostri clienti attività sicure ed efficienti, senza preoccupazioni o incidenti legati a gas e sostanze tossiche.

Diventare il fornitore leader di servizi sanitari, di sicurezza e ambientali per l’industria petrolifera e del gas, essendo riconosciuto come fornitore di servizi di prima classe, attrezzature di prima classe e personale di prima classe.

A livello nazionale, fornisce un’ampia gamma di prodotti e servizi, tutti legati alla ricerca, produzione e raffinazione, alle industrie marittime, offshore e onshore, nonché servizi speciali di sicurezza per cantieri navali e attività ad alto rischio.

For more information, please contact:

Ivan Fittipaldi, Human Resources Manager, MHSS Italy, via e-mail

Last application date: 13 June 2024


27th March 2024

Two decades ago, in the heart of Brazil’s bustling oil industry, a dedicated group of professionals stood guard against a hidden danger: Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). Among them was Roberto, who would later become a leader at Maersk H2S Brazil. But let’s rewind time to find Roberto as the local H2S Supervisor, leading by example aboard an oil platform in Brazil.

Back then, safety gear wasn’t as sleek and lightweight as it is today. The H2S emergency drills demanded unwavering commitment. Heavy steel bottles from SCBA PA-80 were the crew’s lifelines. Roberto stood tall in protective gear, embodying a steadfast commitment to his responsibilities.

As the sole local H2S Supervisor in Brazil, Roberto scanned the horizon for signs of danger. When the alarm sounded, he promptly took charge, ensuring a clear understanding of assigned roles among the crew members. His experience guided them, teaching not just protocols but the spirit of safety—the unwritten rules that could save lives.

Today, as Roberto leads the management team at Maersk H2S Brazil, he carries the legacy of those intense days. The heavy steel bottles have given way to modern equipment, but the spirit remains.

The image captures Roberto during an H2S emergency drill 20 years ago. His leadership continues to inspire us.


At Maersk H2S Safety Services, we believe in constant care which embodies our commitment to taking care of today while actively preparing for tomorrow. This core value underscores our dedication to forward-thinking, planning, and execution in all aspects of our Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) services for the energy industry.

Our commitment to constant care ensures that we remain ahead of industry standards and emerging risks, providing our clients with the assurance of a partner who is always looking out for their best interests.

With our comprehensive suite of solutions, we help energy companies optimize operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and uphold the highest standards of safety.

Health and Safety Consulting:

Our experienced consultants specialize in delivering comprehensive health and safety consulting services uniquely tailored for the energy sector. From offshore oil and gas platforms to refineries, we assess your operations, identify potential hazards, and develop strategic solutions to enhance workplace safety.

HSE Professionals:

We provide highly skilled HSE personnel specifically trained for various operations. Whether you’re involved in upstream exploration, downstream refining, or other energy production, our experts are equipped to support your projects and ensure the highest levels of safety.

Why Choose Maersk H2S Safety Services?

  • Unparalleled Expertise: With a team of seasoned professionals at your service, we bring decades of collective experience and industry knowledge to every engagement, ensuring the highest standards of quality and professionalism.
  • Tailored Solutions: We recognize that every organization has unique needs and challenges. Our consultative approach allows us to develop customized solutions that align precisely with your objectives, delivering measurable results.
  • Commitment to Excellence:  We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We work tirelessly to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver measurable results that drive long-term success.

Download Brochure: HSE Services

Take the next step in enhancing your Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) standards. Contact us at today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can assist you in reaching your goals.

Maersk H2S Safety Services provides customized solutions for oil and gas companies, refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial facilities that handle hazardous materials.

Our services are tailored to the specific needs of each client, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of support and expertise

Our refinery services include:

Gas Safety Personnel
  • Survey and contingency plan for the refinery
  • Monitor and provide support during refinery shutdown and operations
  • Assistance and training
  • Confined space services
Gas Safety Equipment
  • Personal gas detection equipment
  • Work and emergency escape breathing apparatus
  • Area gas monitoring system
  • Air supply systems and compressors
  • Technical support on-site
  • Regular replacements and calibrations
  • Charging of breathing apparatus equipment
  • Comprehensive compressor air control testing
HSE services
  • HSE Supervisor Site
  • HSE Responsible
  • HSE Specialist
  • HSE Document Controller
  • Safety Officer

Download: Refinery Services

Why Choose Maersk H2S Safety Services?

At Maersk H2S Safety Services, we understand the importance of safety in the oil and gas industry. That’s why we provide customized solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to providing the highest level of support and expertise.

We also offer a range of other services, including:

  • Training: We offer a range of training courses to help your employees stay safe and compliant.
  • Consulting: Our team of experts can provide consulting services to help you identify and mitigate risks in your operations.
  • Audit:  We can conduct a thorough audit of your operations to identify areas for improvement and help you develop a more effective safety strategy.

The event was organized in collaboration with the volunteer organization Kiwanis Club Gela and focused on all-around safety topics such as workplace safety, highway code, and domestic accidents. Davide Alessandro, our Operations Manager, and Andrea Emmanuello, our Instructor, Workplace Safety Technician, and a member of the Kiwanis Club Gela, represented our organization at the event.

The topics discussed included good practices in safety, current regulations, protective devices to help youth develop responsibility and self-awareness, and risk assessment during potentially dangerous situations.

We are proud to have been a part of this initiative and look forward to more such events in the future.

Read the news (Italian):

Cameron Mitchell joined Maersk H2S in April 2020 and has represented Maersk H2S in several operations since joining. In this article, Cameron shares his story of climbing Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, with someone he met during a job posting.

Ben Nevis, known in Scottish Gaelic as Beinn Nibheis, is the highest peak on the island of Great Britain, standing at 4,413 feet (1,345 meters) above sea level. It is located at the western end of the Grampian Mountains in the Highland region of Lochaber, close to the town of Fort William.

“It made me realize that with the right mindset and preparation, I can conquer any obstacle that comes my way, which is the approach I have to my job”.

Read the full article here: Our People – Cameron


Esbjerg, 17 April 2023

We are pleased to announce the appointment of EP Engineering to represent our integrated safety services in Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. We have carefully selected EP Engineering based on their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

As our agent, EP Engineering will promote and market our gas safety services throughout the region, as well as provide local support and assistance to our customers. Their appointment is part of our ongoing commitment to expanding our reach and providing our customers with the best possible service and support.

We believe that our new agent’s expertise and local knowledge will be a valuable asset to our customers in South East Asia. They will work closely with our team to ensure that our gas safety services are delivered to the highest standards, and that our customers receive the support they need to stay safe and compliant.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new agent and look forward to working with them to continue to provide the best gas safety services to our customers in South East Asia.

For your gas safety requirements contact us at:

Tel: +603 2693 2255
E-mail: ;

SEA Agent Appointment