Compressed Air Cylinder – Composite

The carbon composite cylinders are manufactured and tested using automated, computer controlled processes certified by Force Denmark. Continuous re-investment in plant and equipment ensures that our cylinders are tested in accordance with the most technologically advanced processes available. The cylinders are manufactured from a seamless aluminium liner, which is subsequently wrapped with carbon and glass fibres. The aluminium liner is cold drawn from AA 6061 aluminium plate and then wrapped with carbon fibre in an epoxy matrix, using a computer controlled 4
axis wrapping machine. An external layer of glass fibre in an epoxy matrix is then wrapped onto the cylinder. This external layer of glass fibre is applied to enhance the resistance of the cylinder to impact and abrasion in service.

Every cylinder is subject to testing in accordance with the legislative design and manufacturing codes (EN 12245 and 97/23/EC), under supervision of a Notified Body. All relevant production data is stored as a hard and soft copy for the full working life of the cylinder at MHSS.

Technical info
• The carbon composite cylinders is serviced once after every use and is given a basic overhaul on a monthly basis. Full maintenance is once every 12 months during operation.
• Pressure tested every 5 years
• Weight: 4,09 kg
• Dimensions: 546 x 152 mm
• Water capacity: 6.8 litres
• Free Air Capacity @ 300 bar: 2040 litres
• Working temperature: -40o to 450o C
• Operating time: > 51 min. with air consumption of 40 ltr Pr. Min.