Compressed Air Cylinder – Steel

The steel cylinders are manufactured with longlife powercoating that ensure highest corrosion resistance.

Continuous re-investment in plant and equipment ensures that our cylinders are tested in accordance with the most technologically advanced processes available.

The cylinders are manufactured in 3, 6 and 7 litres.

Every cylinder is subject to testing in accordance with the legislative design and manufacturing codes (EN 12245 and 97/23/EC), under supervision of a Notified Body.

All relevant production data is stored as a hard and soft copy for the full working life of the cylinder at MHSS.

Technical info
• The Steel cylinders are serviced once after every use and are given a basic overhaul on a monthly basis. Full maintenance is once every 12 months during operation.
• Pressure tested every 5 years
• Weight: 3,0 to 8,0 kg
• Water capacity: 3, 6 and 7 litres
• Free Air Capacity 200 bar 600 to 1400 litres @300 bar: 900 to 2100 litres
• Working temperature: -400 to 4500 C
• Operating time: 6 litres: > 30 min. with air consumption of 40 ltr Pr. Min.