Dräger Accuro Sampling Pump

The Dräger Accuro manual gas sampling pump is designed for on-the-spot analysis of gases and vapours. Currently, over 200 tubes are available for measuring over 500 different gases.

The light-weight hand pump is an effortless way of sampling the environment for potential contamination. As the Accuro pump can be used one-handedly it is ideal for determining the concentration of gases in hard to reach places.

Dräger Safety’s design includes colorimetric tubes with a wider diameter, making it easier to read. For ease of use and to eliminate the risk of miscalculation many Dräger tubes offer a dual calibrated scale, which means the results can be interpreted without using multiplication factors. The use of prelayers on many tubes, such as benzene, is aimed at measuring only the targeted chemical, as any potential interfering gases are removed.

The DrägerTubes system is the most popular form of gas detection in the world. Request a quote for a Dräger Accuro sampling unit below.