Gastec Sampling Pump

The Gastec manual pump is designed for precise spot sampling of gases and vapours. Currently over 600 different gases can be measured using the colorimetric detector tubes.

The light-weight tube pump is an easy-to-use system to determine the concentration of gases that can be hard to measure with other instruments. The hand pump is intrinsically safe by design, uses pre-calibrated gas tubes and above all is an inexpensive and precise solution.

A flow finish indicator shows if full or half strokes have been finished and the built-in stroke counter ensures there is no risk of miscounting.

Gastec’s pump design includes an integral tube tip breaker and storage bin. On-the-spot measurement can be performed with minimal effort due to the small diameter of the pump piston.

Maersk H2S Safety Services can offer a variety of additional equipment, such as the GV700 One-hand adapter, a shoulder bag carry case, extension hose and portable Pyrotec Pyrolyzer.